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I am a woman also a human


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Our society and culture is the one that dehumanizes women and devalues their quality, and causes them to think they are less human when it comes to female-gender. Women are always given a negative identity and treated less than humans in so many parts of the world. It will be an impossible task to try to list the amount of women that have been abused and murdered in our world today. Women are always seen as an instrument of abuse to be used and abandoned. Coming to our undeveloped society, where culture has discriminated against women and caused their rights to be denied.

However, I think this is the time we need to realize and learn how to value women and treat them as human in every society. When we talk about culture in our society, it has done so much damage in the lives of women, to the extent they now think that they are worthless human beings in their families and society as whole.

Dear women, You were placed in your specific family, society, country and time to fulfill a special assignment. You must not deny your identity as a woman and also as a human.

However, the author Benedeth Uchendu has assured you that this book will help you become that “success for fulfilling God’s will on earth”.

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Sobre la autora:

I’m Benedeth Uchendu, an author and blogger on so many platforms where I made my talents known to the world. However, I am a Nigerian based in Spain. I finished my school course at Bauchi State where I study Accounting.


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